Moving into its tenth year this annual international film festival continues to grow in popularity. Surface has been designing their festival program for the past 8 years, and has more recently rebranded their logo to ensure their image continues to evolve along with their growth in the international film circuit.

In 2019 Surface completed a total redesign of their website in order to implement their new branding and ensure consistency throughout all platforms.  (NB the website has since been somewhat updated by a different company)

The Bali International Film Festival aka BALINALE invites international filmmakers to showcase their feature films, documentaries and shorts to a discerning audience that's an eclectic mix of locals and expatriates from across the globe.

"Since 2009, BALINALE has professionally consulted with SurfaceDesign on all aspects of the festival’s visual representation and print media communications. The company has produced for us over the years creative and engaging designs with the ability to work within our strict deadlines and without compromising on quality."

Deborah Gabinetti
Founder – Bali International Film Festival