Surface Design is an independent design consultancy with a wealth of International design experience, spanning all sectors of the market, from Tourism to Healthcare, Corporate to Entertainment and more…

Specialising in Brand Identity and Communications, Surface can help you to create the face of your new company, or to revitalise your existing brand.

Our offices are based in Bali, but our clients are international. In this digital age, where meetings can easily be conducted by video conference calls, we are happy to create relationships with clients spanning the globe.


Rachel is the founder of Surface Design Consultancy. She has over 20 years of experience in the international design industry. After completing her degree in Graphic Design & Visual Communications in the UK, she went on to gain 8 years of valuable experience and knowledge from some of London’s leading design agencies. Then, after a period spent working in Sydney, Australia and traveling the world, she landed on the shores of Bali 14 years ago where she has since built up a long list of clients spanning numerous industries, who return time after time for their various design needs. (See what OUR CLIENTS have to say.)

She believes the key to a strong brand is to create a striking, yet simple visual identity, using clean and uncluttered design, with an emphasis on consistency.

Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you to communicate your vision, in a creative & inspiring way.